OMSI - Setra S 215 UL [BETA]




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The S 215 UL was introduced in 1983 by Kässbohrer as a suburban bus (UL = Überlandbus) from the 200 series. Its predecessor was the Setra S 140 ES and its successor was the Setra S 315 UL. The production lasted until 1995, when the S 315 UL replaced it. ----------------------- The model is nice, also repaintable and performance friendly. It has a 6 speed manual gearbox but the sounds are from the original MANs. Don't forget, it's a beta version. The interior lights are too weak and the front lights also could be brighter. !!! IMPORTANT !!! If the bus won't shown in the game after the installation, only the driver and it'll jump, then make sure that you also installed the rollbands. Copy the Rollband_S215UL folder to the Anzeigen folder in the Vehicles directory. ----------------------- Credits: Author: L.M.M.W Scripts: M+R Software, FRENZYMAX ----------------------- Download: ----------------------- Info about the map: PS: Sorry for driving always on Börzsöny. I don't have other maps installed, i want to keep my OMSI installation clean.
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