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Cmentarz na Rossie w Wilnie 05:12
Cmentarz na Rossie w Wilnie
1 week in Lithuania 06:55
1 week in Lithuania
Vilnius 15:03
A jednak Polska 1918-1921 1:27:33
A jednak Polska 1918-1921
Cmentarz na Rossie, Wilno 27 VII 2013 r 13:12
Cmentarz na Rossie, Wilno 27 VII 2013 r
Top 10: Unique Facts About Lithuania 08:06
Top 10: Unique Facts About Lithuania
Moje Wilno 37:44
Moje Wilno
dr Janusz Kaczmarczyk Roman Dmowski i Józef Piłsudski - odmienne wizje niepodległości cd 18:23
dr Janusz Kaczmarczyk Roman Dmowski i Józef Piłsudski - odmienne wiz
The City of Vilnius, Lithuania - 20th January, 2013 37:47
The City of Vilnius, Lithuania - 20th January, 2013
Vilnius City Tour, Lithuania-Lituania 04:01
Vilnius City Tour, Lithuania-Lituania
Już mi raz zabrali Wilno 04:32
Już mi raz zabrali Wilno
Cmentarz na Rossie - pomnik polskiej historii Wilna. 03:56
Cmentarz na Rossie - pomnik polskiej historii Wilna.
We Love Lithuania 3 03:39
We Love Lithuania 3
Lithuania 76:73 Spain (Burning Baltic Hearts) [HD] rus 11:04
Lithuania 76:73 Spain (Burning Baltic Hearts) [HD] rus
Cmentarz na Rossie -maj 2014 06:14
Cmentarz na Rossie -maj 2014
Living. . .Vilnius 09:56
Living. . .Vilnius
Lithuania 49:04


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Polski Cmentarz na ROSSIE ,1801 rok.-jest najwiekszym sposrod starych cmentarzy wilenskich.Cmentarzy wileskie mocno ucerpialy w czasie okupacji Litwy sowietskej ,duzo cmentarzy było zburzono, była niszczona kultura i pamec narodu polskiego,groby na cmentarzach polskie, infomacja po polsku zakazana,po litewsku ,angl. Cmentarz Na Rossie jest jedną z czterech polskich nekropolii narodowych. W skład zespołu cmentarnego wchodzi Stara Rossa (1769), Nowa Rossa (1847), Cmentarz Wojskowy (1920), mauzoleum Matka i Serce Syna (1936).Cmentarz Na Rossie w Wilnie (cmentarz Misjonarzy Na Rossie w Wilnie, lit. Rasų kapinės), zespół cmentarny w dzielnicy Rossa w Wilnie, założony w 1769[1], w 1801 oficjalnie zalegalizowany przez magistrat wileński, poważnie zniszczony w 1952, zamknięty w 1967; 10,8 ha; Zachowane na cmentarzu obiekty zabytkowe znajdują się w złym stanie technicznym. WILNO stare Polskie miasto.Po okupacji sowieckiej przylaczono do Litwy. . Polacy na Litwie są jedyną mniejszością, która ukształtowała się z miejscowych mieszkańców. .Kolonizatorami i przybyszami są nowolitwini przybyli z północy po 1945 r.HISTORY OF THE CITY'' Old Polish city. After the Soviet occupation incorporated into Lithuania. Poles in the Vilnius are, the native peoples of these lands...................http://en.efhr.eu/2014/08/22/report-of-efhr-observance-of-human-rights-in-lithuania-for-years-2012-2013-in-a-nutshell/#more.................. . After the Soviet occupation, the city renamed. Vilnius and the Vilnius region is a land which had once been the core of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, forming part of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. The Vilnius region was inhabited by several nationalities, the dominant one (almost 70 percent) being the Poles. The Vilnius region was also inhabited by a small group of Belarusian, Lithuanians, Russians, Karaites and Tatars. Vilnius had a different national structure. It was inhabited mainly by the Polish population (more than 60 percent), but the second largest group consisted of the Jews (almost 34 percent). The Lithuanians represented less than 0.7 percent of the inhabitants of Vilnius. This determined the Polish character not only of the city but the entire Vilnius region, as Vilnius was inhabited mainly by almost one sixth of the residents of the region; it was there that public authorities, intellectual and political elites functioned. However, such a perception of the ethnicity of the area on the part of Poles- "the Polishness of the Vilnius region", aroused opposition of the nascent Lithuanian nation and state. At the beginning of World War II, Poland lost the defensive war in September 1939. Poland, attacked by two powerful neighbours . Adolf Hitler's Third Reich and Joseph Stalin's Soviet Union, was under occupation. In carrying out its long-term plans, in October 1939, the Soviet Union granted Vilnius to Lithuania together with part of the Vilnius region in return for access to bases located on its territory. The Lithuanians agreed, seeing it as the implementation of its multi-year political efforts. The land was officially incorporated into the Republic of Lithuania. Vilnius, Lithuanian nationalists killed about 100 thousand. people, among them - about 70 thousand. Vilnius. The police, prison service consisted of Lithuanians. They also make a list of exported works, most of which were Poles. Finally, helping the confiscation of Polish estates: and not only in Vilnius, Lithuania, but also ethnic. Cooperation between the Germans and Lithuanians, the genocide of hundreds of thousands of Polish people murdered residents Vilnius. Vilnius was founded at the expense of others who live there, plotting their story.Lithuania is the only country that much, "gained" from totalitarianism: and the Nazi and Soviet.In Vilnius, Lithuanians have gained more than lost: became the host city.All occupants of Lithuanians favored - especially in Vilnius. Colonizers and sojourners are Lithuanians came from the north after 1945 .LITHUANIA LAW, prohibits the use of ,their own language-Polish language.Lithuanian Polish rights are limited. Today, when Lithuania regained independence, the situation of the Polish minority was further aggravated. Poles persecuted for using their native language.Most of the surviving inhabitants left Vilnius, which had an obvious impact on the city's community and its traditions; what before a war was a Polish-Jewish city with a tiny Lithuanian minority was instantly Lithuanized, with Lithuanians becoming the new majority. Many of the remaining Poles were arrested, murdered or sent to gulags or to remote parts of Soviet empire.EFPC. www.efhr.eu. Carried out by the media and politicians a negative campaign against ethnic minorities moved to the Lithuanian society. .


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