İbrahim + Hürrem • High Hopes [Read the story!]

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İbrahim + Hürrem • High Hopes [Read the story!]

26,145   |   4 год. назад  |   120 - 4

İbrahim + Hürrem • High Hopes [Read the story!]

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*for ones who cannot understand the fact that it's just a fan story*:

CLEARY it is a fan story. and there's no need to tell me it's a fake. i know it. definitely know it..
yes, i do know it. and everyone does.

"Ibrahim and Hurrem have their own passion, but they cannot expect their feelings are reciprocal. One day they have dinner with Sultan and Pargali tells him what a great life he has now. Hurrem remembers what they had before and then feels bad. She returns to her room and before going to bed Ibrahim follows her - he's worried.
Ibrahim cannot resist their nearness - he embraces her and then they have a night with each other. During it Ibrahim-pasha freshes his memory about them and realise they cannot have any future.
Next morning she wakes up hearing his playing the violin. The first and the last playing the violin for her.
Then they have breakfast, she looks at him thinking about their last night, he and she undersnand - there's no way for them to be together. It's just high hopes.


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thanks for Pink Floyd!

I do not own the song or clips used in this video! Copyrights belongs to their rightfull owners.

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İbrahim + Hürrem • High Hopes [Read the story!]

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