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Tongan Short Film: Eye Love You Part 2 Of 2

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Chapter 2: Returning in grief and sadness, Lea Ofa becomes a victim of death. Leaving nothing but a letter that was for her son. When Stalini finds out about the news, his whole life flashes before him in a series of mistreatment towards his mother. This is when he finally reveals (to his wife Sandra. Played by Ana Alatini who was also his co-worker at the beginning of he film) who his mother is and that he lied about her dying years ago. He returns to Tonga to attend his mothers funeral under the persuasion of his wife (Ana Alatini) and finally opens the letter that his mother was ment to leave with him prior to her death. THE REMAINING OF THE FILM IS WHERE EVERYTHING COMES TOGETHER FROM THE TEARS, SHAME AND MYSTERY OF HIS FATHERS DEATH. Directed, Edited, Produced, VFX And Story Adapted By Stalini Naufahu (ME) I was 16 when I made this film. so relax your sacks on judging this film. Aye everyone this is my first video, so take it easy on judgment. I never done Special Effects nor Video Editing before but had to learn while making this film at the same time as it was meant for my Church's Mothers Day video (2009) but eventually made its way into a film festival and now im sharing it on youtube. Ill say ive improved since this video so COMMENT, RATE AND SUBSCRIBE to keep posted on my upcoming videos. remember to do the polls on my profile as it will determine on what type of video would my next video would be :) Add me on Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/TONGANMUViiEZ Add me on Bebo: http://www.bebo.com/MAKiNG_tHINGS_REAL PLEASE EXCUSE THE VIDEO QUALITY BELOW ARE THE SPECS Camera Used: Sony Digital Camera (yes you heard right. I didnt use a video camera!) Software for Video Editing: Cyberlink (can be found on most newer PC's) Software for VFX: Microsoft Picture it, Blender 3D, DAZ 3D Time Taken For Shooting: 3 days Time Taken For Editing: 300 hours (I was new to this at the time) Budget:$20 USD for Lights (The rest of the equipment are things you would normally find in a TONGAN house)

Tongan Short Film: Eye Love You Part 2 Of 2

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