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【VOCALOID Original】ECHO【Gumi English】 04:05
【VOCALOID Original】ECHO【Gumi English】
Capriccio Farce rus karaoke/Фарс Каприччо караоке на русском off vocal 05:03
Capriccio Farce rus karaoke/Фарс Каприччо караоке
VOCALOID8 - Capriccio Farce (rus sub 2).mp4 09:58
VOCALOID8 - Capriccio Farce (rus sub 2).mp4
Capriccio Farce - Vocaloid - Español 05:03
Capriccio Farce - Vocaloid - Español
The Fifth: Pierrot (EVILS COURT VERSION) - Kagamine Len ft. Megurine Luka and GUMI 04:28
The Fifth: Pierrot (EVILS COURT VERSION) - Kagamine Len ft. Megurine L
【10 UTAU Chorus】 Capriccio Farce 【Fanmade PV】 (+UST) 04:56
【10 UTAU Chorus】 Capriccio Farce 【Fanmade PV】 (+UST)
Capriccio Farce english dub 02:12
Capriccio Farce english dub
Daughter of Evil English Dub Aku No Musume 悪ノ娘 [HD] 05:26
Daughter of Evil English Dub Aku No Musume 悪ノ娘 [HD]
[English Dub] Judgement of Corruption [OrionWallet] 05:01
[English Dub] Judgement of Corruption [OrionWallet]
Oppa Russian Style! (Это Рашн Стайл!) 03:41
Oppa Russian Style! (Это Рашн Стайл!)
Capriccio Farce English 05:01
Capriccio Farce English
【Rin・Len・MEIKO】 master of the graveyard 【Eng・Romaji・Jap Sub】 04:17
【Rin・Len・MEIKO】 master of the graveyard 【Eng・Romaji・Jap
Capriccio Farce english  self chorus 1=8 04:56
Capriccio Farce english self chorus 1=8
[OrionWallet] Re_Birthday English Dub 05:04
[OrionWallet] Re_Birthday English Dub
Vocaloid Eight - Night ∞ Series 16:56
Vocaloid Eight - Night ∞ Series
Vocaloid Six - Party x Party 03:43
Vocaloid Six - Party x Party
[English Dub] Moonlit Bear [Emu] 06:49
[English Dub] Moonlit Bear [Emu]
Hide And Seek (rus dub) 02:32
Hide And Seek (rus dub)
【Luka×Len×Rin】CHRONO STORY ~Italian version~ 【feat KIRO/Envy】 04:56
【Luka×Len×Rin】CHRONO STORY ~Italian version~ 【feat KIRO/En

Capriccio Farce english dub

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This is my translation and my english dub for Capriccio Farce. NO, YOU CAN'T USE LYRICS WITHOUT MY PERMISSION! But if you want them - just ask ^^ Please, comment and rate!!! Thanks for watching :3 The defender's seat is empty The barrister's seat is filled with junk And now let us begin This farce we're calling JUDGEMENT We continue searching because order from the God Now there's only one vessel that is still not found If you seen this item and know where it is now Please tell its location to the sources of the time Time passes, the figures're new and our master changed Finally I have a chance to debut on the stage But I don't even have an idea where it is I'm feared that it might be hiding in her hands SEARCH! SEARCH! SEARCH FOR THE PERSON! LEFT, RIGHT, OR DEEP DOWN BELOW! SEARCH FOR THE GIRL, THAT HOLDS EVERY KEY, SEARCH FOR THE MASTER OF HELLISH YEARD! For how long will this farce continue? For how long will you search? After this fool play ends there will be nothing The soul of Adam who felt into the pitfall There's also nothing that you can do or even have done The swaying scales and the messed up scenario The vessels which have been contaminated by sins Every single person creating his own new song Capriccio which did not harmonize The story that has already left the God and Devil's hands Now it is walking through the world alone And if they have just stopped and looked at this awful play They would probably say only one thing: The most terrible and the worst are All the mankind own desires. Now let us just stop and listen to new character He's the man who was attached by the devil's blood I give you permission so please tell us all about Why and how did you come to be here in our forest? I carry an awful curse in this body of mine And to undo this spell it became necEssary The ancient sword which was passed down from generations. I came to this forest in order to seek it there. KILL HIM! EAT HIM! IF IT'S NOT POSSIBLE THAN ARREST MAN WHO CAME IN THE FOREST! JUDGE HIM! JUDGE HIM! ANYWAY START THE COURT HE MUST BE CONVICTED TO DEATH! When I made my preparations to be execute The spoiled girl extended me her hand I just needed someone to do chores with me And this the way that I became "gardener" "Wizard of the time" and a "Cursed Gardener" The replacement for the vessels who still sleep Hiding every treachery deep in their hearts The new invaders who are not assured Collector's Doll (Director), The Master of the Graveyard, "Gear", "servant" and a "Master of Hellish Yard" When the end of all this farce finally arrives Who will be the one laughing loudly Lu Li La Lu Li La Lu Li Lu Li La The irregular beating wIth echOes. Camaraderie, trauma, justice, illusion, hope, Destruction, Dreams, Avarice, Love and Death Everything melts and keeps on circling In the Clockwork Lullaby. Just before he met his end, one young and lonely man Created a little theatre deep in the woods. Will the utopia he dreamed of his howl life Be someday completed finally? And now let's all look at This farce we're calling OUR LIFE

Capriccio Farce english dub

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